How It Works

Answers to frequently asked SwiipeUp questions

  • What is SwiipeUp?

    SwiipeUp is a simple to use, mobile-friendly sales platform founded by Sarah Calanthe and friends.

  • Where are you based?

    We are based in the United States. As a result, your buyers are much less likely to have their credit card rejected or declined when making a purchase.

  • What can I sell on SwiipeUp?

    We support the sale of digital products and services, including:

    • Private content (folders, videos, photos and audio files)
    • Premium subscriptions (with automated recurring payments)
    • Custom content and live chat sessions (via tips)

    We're always working on new stuff. Come chat with us on Discord if you have ideas or suggestions!

  • What percentage of my sales do I get?

    You will receive 80% of all sales you make. For example, if you make a $10 sale, $8 will be added to your earnings.

  • When will I get paid?

    We process payouts every Monday for your prior week's earnings! For example:

    For earnings received betweenYour payout will be processed on
    Monday 12AM PST - Sunday 11:59PM PSTThe following Monday

    If your balance does not meet the minimum payout amount at the end of the payout period, it will carry forward to the following period. Payouts will generally show up in your bank account within 5 business days from the processing date.

  • What is the payout minimum?

    During our beta, we are reducing all payment minimums to $0!

    As long as your payout can cover the delivery fee (if there is one), you will receive a payout even if it is only for $1. If you would like to set a higher custom payout minimum, please email support.

    After the beta, our goal is still to keep payout minimums as low as possible (between $0 and $25 depending on delivery method).

  • How do I get paid?

    We offer free direct deposits to US bank accounts, and wire transfers to international accounts. When receiving international wire transfers, the fee our bank charges will vary based on whether you choose to receive your payout in your local currency or in USD (see table).

    • United States
    • International

    Payout Methods

    Direct Deposit – ACHFree
    Wire Transfer – Foreign Currency
    bank converts at 2-3% below market rate
    Free over $250
    $5 under $250
    Wire Transfer – USD$25$40

    For a very small number of countries, wire transfer in USD is the only option available. To check if this might apply to your country, please email support for more information.

  • How do you handle refunds?

    SwiipeUp will issue refunds for duplicate orders, technical errors and products that were not delivered or did not match their descriptions. For these cases, the cost of the refund will be covered by the model. If the buyer is refunded for any other reason, SwiipeUp will cover the cost of the refund.

    For more details, please see our Refund Policy.

  • Do you protect models against chargebacks?

    Yes! During our beta, SwiipeUp will cover all chargebacks. After the beta, our goal is to cover the majority of chargebacks. We'll be having open discussions with all models on Discord before making any changes.

  • How do I contact you?

    If you're a model, the easiest and fastest way is to join our private Discord server. Someone from the SwiipeUp team is almost always hanging out there who can help answer any questions you might have. We also regularly post updates and chat about new features so come by and say hi :)

    We're always available via email as well. We do our best to respond to everything within 24 hours.

Using SwiipeUp

  • Can international buyers use SwiipeUp?

    Yes! SwiipeUp accepts Visa and Mastercard cards from any country.

  • How do I get verified?

    If you are 18 years or older, you can sign up for a model account to upload your verification photos and government ID.

    We will review your submission to verify age, authenticity and consent. Once your account is approved, a "Verified Model" badge will be displayed next to your username and you will be able to begin making sales.

  • How do you prevent minors from joining?

    Our multi-step verification flow verifies every model’s age and consent. We also take steps to prevent catfishing, prostitution and sex trafficking.

    Creating a safe, consensual and positive environment for all our users is important to us. Please let us know if you see any suspicious content on SwiipeUp.

  • Is SwiipeUp secure?

    Yes! All sensitive user account data is fully encrypted on the backend. When transmitting data to us on the web, “https:” and a lock next to the web address is your signal that encryption is on.

    Additionally, SwiipeUp does not store any cardholder data on our servers. To process payments, SwiipeUp securely transmits your card data to a PCI-DSS certified payment processor to handle all billing-related transactions.

  • What will show up on my buyer’s bank statement?

    We use a discreet billing name which is different from SwiipeUp. What type of item your buyer purchased will not be shown anywhere.

  • How do I change my username or email?

    Please email support for assistance.

  • Why was my buyer’s credit card declined?

    Declines can happen for many reasons and vary based on the buyer's unique situation. There are the most common:

    • Typo when entering the number, expiration or security code
    • Insufficient funds in their account
    • Activity is flagged as unusual by their bank
    • Card is flagged as fraudulent by our bank
    • Card is on our payment processor’s blacklist (for fraud, chargebacks, etc.)

  • My buyer lost / didn't receive an order confirmation email. What do I do?

    A guest account is automatically created for buyers who are not logged in at the time of purchase. If the browser has not yet been closed, they will remain logged into their new guest account and can view their recent purchase on their orders page.

    A separate email is also sent with instructions on setting up a password for their guest account. If they can locate this email, they'll be able to log in at any time to view their order.

    If the buyer has closed their browser and is unable to locate either the order confirmation email or the account setup email, they will need to email support to have the email resent.

  • My buyer mistyped their username for my premium subscription. How do I change it?

    Log in and go to your orders page . Find the buyer’s order and click the View Order icon. Once you have the order open, you can click update to change their username.

    The buyer can also do this themselves by logging into their SwiipeUp account or following the order link in their confirmation email.

  • How do I cancel a buyer’s recurring subscription?

    Log in and go to your orders page . Find the buyer’s order and click the View Order icon. Once you have the order open, you can click Cancel Subscription to end their subscription.

    The buyer can also do this themselves by logging into their SwiipeUp account or following the order link in their confirmation email.

  • What can I receive tips for?

    You may receive tips for custom content and live chat sessions (eg. texting or cam) as long as it follows our rules about prohibited content and services.

  • What content is prohibited?

    While most restrictions are obvious for legal/ethical reasons, others are less obvious and exist due to restrictions placed by Visa/Mastercard. Following these guidelines ensures payments can continue to be processed through our site.

  • Can I receive bitcoins through SwiipeUp?

    Yup! You can add your bitcoin address to your SwiipeUp profile. Once added, your profile will automatically display a “Send Bitcoin” button which takes buyers to a dedicated page that conveniently displays your wallet address as a QR code and wallet link.

  • Does SwiipeUp charge any fees to receive bitcoin?

    Nope! Bitcoins are sent directly from the buyer’s wallet to yours so you’ll receive 100% of the transaction.

  • My buyer sent me bitcoin but I’m not seeing it?

    Since bitcoins are transferred directly from the buyer to you, these transactions will not show up in your SwiipeUp account. Your bitcoin transactions can be found in your bitcoin wallet.

    Before providing any products or services in exchange for bitcoin, we highly recommend waiting until you receive at least 1 network confirmation showing your bitcoins have arrived. We do not have any insight into your bitcoin transactions and aren’t able to help mediate disputes or provide refunds.

  • How do I create a bitcoin address?

    There’s a lot of different services out there. We like Coin since they don’t store or ask for any personal information about you:

    1. Visit Coin
    2. Click 'Create new wallet'
    3. Click 'Generate passphrase'
    4. Copy the passphrase (important)
    5. Click 'Set your PIN'
    6. Set a PIN
    7. Click 'Receive' at the top of the screen
    8. Look for 'Your wallet address' and copy the address to your SwiipeUp profile

  • What is the discover page?

    It’s currently just a directory of active models – models are simply listed in the order they joined SwiipeUp.

    Models can disable their discover page listing here.

  • How do I get listed on the discover page?

    The Discover page displays fully completed model profiles. This includes uploading a profile picture, writing a description, and listing at least one item.

    Your profile may be excluded from the Discover page if we are unable to confirm your identity from your profile picture.

  • How does the Dropbox integration work?

    You can connect your Dropbox account to automatically grant buyers view-only access to files or folders after purchase. Instead of generating a shareable link, buyers are invited by email to view your content directly.

    Selling through Dropbox gives you greater control over who has access to view your content. And since SwiipeUp automates the invitation process, there’s no risk of accidentally giving a buyer edit or delete access to your Dropbox.

  • Where can I learn more?

    Check out our tutorials page for video instructionals on how to set up your profile, create new items, organize menus and more.