Our Story

…is still unfolding. But here's a sneak peek.

Bitmoji avatars of SwiipeUp founders


Sarah, Maros and Kai met on Reddit in 2018. Kai ran into Sarah Calanthe while working on his previous startup. Maros, who had recently left his job at Snapchat to build his own Bitcoin-based startup, had met Kai on Reddit earlier that same year.
The three hit it off and noticed that companies have traditionally been inadequate for models because they are owned and operated by content consumers instead of creators.
And so, with Sarah at the helm, Maros leading development and Kai managing operations, SwiipeUp was born in early 2019.

We started with a simple question:
Why is private content so difficult to buy and complicated to sell?

It shouldn't be so hard — yet models struggle to get paid on time and buyers jump through hoops to pay.
We believe the answer is simple. An idea is only as good as the people nurturing it and the community supporting it. We founded SwiipeUp around this basic belief.


We believe that sales platforms should be built around the needs of models. SwiipeUp includes models in its decision-making process and actively listens to their feedback and concerns every step of the way.
Which is why we've set up a space where models can talk directly to us and with each other. Our Discord server provides models with real-time support. It's also a place to have open discussions about how we can improve the platform.

What makes us unique

  • Models come first We know this is your job. It's ours to provide you with the tools you need to run your business. We actively encourage feedback from all of our models and we promise not to make major changes to our design, features or pricing structure without talking to models first.
  • DependabilityGet paid out on time, now and always. Focus on building your business rather than worrying about when your next paycheck is going to arrive.
  • TransparencyNo hidden fees, no vague rules, no surprises. We aim to be as clear and open as possible about how we work, what we allow and what we charge for our services.
  • CommunicationWe believe in direct, personal communication with both models and customers. No robots or automatic replies: when you have a problem, you will get an answer from our (human) support team within 24 hours.
  • EqualityWe don’t play favorites. Whether you make $20 or $20,000, we offer all our models the same terms, services and support.